How a bathroom renovation can add thousands in value to your home


A bathroom renovation could, quite simply, transform your life!


It might be the smallest room in the house but it’s also one we can’t live without which is why home buyers value bathroom renovations.


A shoddy bathroom screams bottomless pit of expensive repairs. Any sign of damage, even mould, will frighten a would-be buyer into imagining invisible leaks, pricey plumbing problems, even large-scale structural issues.


A renovated bathroom not only says there’s nothing to worry about, it adds value, updating the look and style of your home, no matter its era. Whether you do a bathroom extension or renovation, it’s an improvement that pays off. For every dollar you spend, you’ll get back up to 70% of the cost of your bathroom renovation in the improved re-sale value of your home.


Who’s it for?

If your bathroom renovation is for you, choose what you love. If you’re getting your house ready to sell, think about your target market and what will appeal to them. If it’s a family home will your buyers want a bath for children or are you targeting an older buyer who wants a walk-in shower? Is it a large ensuite for a busy professional couple wanting a double vanity so there’s no clamour for the sink in the rush to get ready for work? Are you looking for luxury – a designer stand alone bath, a sunken spa bath, a bidet or a toilet with a soft-closing lid?


Bathroom renovation

Pulling out an old bathroom is a big job best left to the experts but they’ve also got great ideas how you can make the most of your existing space. It might mean replacing an old bath with a double shower that makes the room look and feel bigger. Brighter lighting or a bigger mirror can also expand the sense of space.


Do you need a new layout for a more functional space? Think about what your bathroom is missing. Does it need more storage, a second sink or more power points? Is the décor so last century? Update with shiny new taps and stylish tiles, a sleek frameless shower and a contemporary vanity.


Start with the infrastructure. Choose recommended professionals to ensure there are no leaks or water damage, mould or damp. This is the time to upgrade the electrics too. A cosmetic fix won’t hide any underlying problems.


Bathroom extension

Is your bathroom simply too small? You definitely want professionals if you want to pull down walls, move the plumbing and start again. You could convert another room or build an extension to add a second or third bathroom. Most buyers these days want a family bathroom, a generous ensuite for the master bedroom, perhaps a powder room for guests, even a bathroom for each child now they’re living at home longer.


A bathroom extension means you can design the space from scratch to have it exactly as you want, from the ground up, whether that’s installing heated flooring or heated towel rails, a double sink or a shower seat, streamlined storage in a cleverly hidden wall cavity or a bidet and a designer bath.


How much?

Costs depend on whether you’re looking at bathroom extensions or renovations and whether you need to upgrade or move plumbing and electrics. Replace tiles and taps for a budget makeover while European tapware and high-end fixtures could double costs.


Choose stylish fixtures and fittings that appeal to the typical buyer rather than falling for fads that go out of fashion fast. Improved lighting, functionality and a touch of luxury will appeal most to buyers.


Got a heritage home?

Heritage renovations or resotrations can come with their own unique tricks to bring them up to date. Make sure you speak to an experienced heritage builder to get the best advice.


Enhance the value of your home

Regardless of the path you choose to go down when looking at renovating your bathroom, it's a move that will add value to your home so look very seriously at investing the time and money required to give it facelift. It could be just the move that seals the deal on your new home sale!