Why you should choose a local builder


Choosing a local builder for your extension, renovation, heritage restoration or new home can prove a smarter choice if you’re looking for niche expertise.


While the big building companies may offer extensive resources for larger projects, you'll probably find a local builder can bring different qualities, capabilities and know-how at a more affordable price – especially if you're after a unique, interactive and flexible approach.


Often local builders come via recommendations from friends and family who’ve had a positive experience with them – and this positive word of mouth goes a long way to finding the right fit for your project. Selecting such a builder can be the difference between experiencing lengthy delays and unexpected expenses and work done on time, budget and to your exact specifications.


It’s also easier to view your chosen builder’s completed projects to check for design and construction synergies.


Why a local building company sometimes makes more sense.

Only a builder familiar with your area, climate and the type of home you want completed can add the personal touch to your project. Here’s why:


Family owned and operated. Many local builders are independent contractors who rely on their stellar reputation in your area to get regular work. You'll probably find they offer better service and higher quality work as a result.


More personalised communication. If you want a team that lives nearby and have the time to communicate adequately with you about your project, a local builder is the way to go. Used to dealing directly with people from all walks of life (rather than through a national sales manager and construction team), a local will want to make sure that you’re happy every single step of the way.


More input into the design process. A local builder is more likely to work closely with you in perfecting your design, bringing their unique expertise to bear on floor plans and construction details. If you want to work with someone who cares about your project and is interested in fulfilling your vision, choosing someone local may win hands down over the bigger construction players.


Greater flexibility. Larger, national construction companies often save costs by creating cookie-cutter projects – think large estates with row upon row of similar floorplans and footprints. A local builder may have the flexibility to make changes based on their greater knowledge of the area, understanding of your needs and willingness to create something just for you.


Better outcomes and high-end finishes. Because every project is different for a local builder, there’s more leeway to achieve precisely what you want. A builder who moves from restoring heritage features one month to a contemporary extension the next and a new architectural build the next has a broader range of skills to draw on, which means your home can be as unique as you are. And all this comes with less marketing overheads than a national company, which means you’ll get better value for money without sacrificing quality.


Invest in your community. Supporting local businesses has knock-on effects for your entire community regarding employment, materials and suppliers. A local builder is more likely to employ local tradesman, and use trusted local suppliers who can provide the right materials for your climate and build needs. 


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